If you are a Fortnite player or a Fortnite fan, you may be interested in knowing everything that you can about this game. Players from all over the globe can compete aggressively in this game 24/7. Therefore, anytime that you have an opportunity to play, you can log on and get started right away. Usually, someone is always waiting to have you as a team member or kill you as an enemy. Either way, there is a place for anyone who enjoys a digital fight to the finish.

Because these games are so popular today and competitive, you can also find sites that will keep you up-to-date with the latest. Also, if any changes are being made or updated to tools that everyone uses, you can be the first to know if you are keeping up with forums that are set-up specifically for Fortnite players and Fortnite fans. One of the most notable is the site that provides players with their stats. With this in mind, here are a few things that you need to know about the benefits of using Fortnite tracker.

fornite pc game

Check Your Performance

Some players check their performance using a Frotnite tracker. In addition to checking their stats on their desktop computers, players can also use their Xboxes and their PlayStation to check their stats. Whatever devices that the player uses, players can find the stats to see how they are performing on more than one platform. These stats can be used to see if the player is progressively getting better over time. Here are 5 of the stats that presently being provided to players who want the information.

  • Win Rate
  • Kills
  • Wins
  • Mac
  • K/D

Exact Stats Tracked for Other Players

Another reason why Fortnite tracker information is so popular among players today is these numbers are meant to help others to compare how they are doing to other players. This is good information for a lot of players that like to keep up with the community since it helps to rank who’s on top, while it also shows the names of each player according to their position.

Tracker for Fortnite & Group Player Information vs Solo Plays

Some people like to see what other individuals are fairing with their numbers. Others like to follow how duos and squads are performing. For instance, some players have already made a name for themselves since they are already in top positions. Therefore, if you want to become a leader too, you can track their stats to see if you can beat them.