sms bombing

Mobile phones use SMS, or Short Message Service, to send text messages. In most cases, they are used to sending one unique message at a given time. However, there are services that can increase the frequency and speed of texting. A software program known as sms bomber can duplicate the same message multiple times and send messages to designated recipients. You can download the software or use it online without downloading.

Exploring Software Options

You should note that cellular companies do not offer SMS bomber in the normal text-messaging features. Fortunately, you can find a free SMS bomber online and through app stores. Ideally, programmers develop the software for a particular phone platform. For instance, some SMS bombers are compatible with iPhones and others with Android phones.

Identifying Usage Options

sending text messagesThe truth is that using SMS bomber does not need any advanced technical skills. You only need to enter the receiver’s phone number, the text message, and the frequency of your messaging. Ideally, the software is quite similar to norm text messaging. The only exception is that you enter a number to send various copies rather than sending only one message. Certain programs can send several messages. Remember that messages will show you as the sender. Therefore, this is not a service to secretly trick or spam someone.

Evaluating Messaging Costs

Although using an SMS bomber is free, the cost of sending messages is not free. Your cellular provider will charge you the normal rate of sending text messages. Thus, if you are charged per SMS, the bomb service estimates your cost of every message you send. Nowadays, some plans come with unlimited texting. Also, the recipient of the text message is likely to incur extra text charges or even run out of credit. It is advisable to use this service when you know that the recipient has an unlimited texting plan.

Getting a Provider Contract

woman textingWhen you use a phone, you agree with the cellular provider certain terms of use. Usually, the contracts have a clause that deals with the abuse of the system. For instances, some cellular providers have the right to cancel or limit your account when you engage in abusive messaging or spam. That is the case when you have an unlimited texting plan. Also, using SMS bomber excessively may result in you losing your text privileges or even affect your account status. Therefore, you should use it as required without breaching the contract.