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Medieval Themed TV Series that You Shall Not Miss

A lot of TV series have made their ways to the top of IMDb chart. The series that take the first to the fifth positions are Planet Earth II, Band of Brothers, Planet Earth, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. And there is always space for a medieval-themed series in the heart of movies fans.

Watching TVIn this chance, we will focus specifically on, not Game of Thrones since it has been very popular lately, but the other series with similar atmosphere, tone, and setting.


Saladin and TemplarKnightfall is a new series. Aired very recently, on December 6, 2017, the series tells a story of Knights of Templar, France, and Papacy. The three players have their unique roles in the intricacy of Europe politics.

France, represented by King Philip IV, is on the verge of outsider’s interference. The threat from aggressive England has been just very close to France, and about to be nullified by marriage between King Philip’s daughter, Isabella and England’s prince.

But the King prefers his wife counsel, Queen Joan, that is to forge an alliance with the Kingdom of Catalonia. The alliance with England is embraced and supported by the King’s advisor. And due to the overwhelming opposition, the king advisor, William de Nogaret, is forced to create a new plot.

Surprisingly enough, de Nogaret’s sole intention seems to be the integrity of France as a Kingdom. And the reason for him promoting the alliance with England has been his fear of Pope Boniface VIII’s cunning grand design to unite Europe under one true ruler, the papacy.

This series is worth-watching because it will bring you to the world of Templars and medieval Europe. The robes, the authenticity of the armors, and the bold exposure of gore during the battles in the movie will surely entertain you.

Marco Polo

Marco PoloMarco Polo is a Netflix series that has got canceled in 2016. The casts include big names, like Michelle Yeoh, and Benedict Wong. Wong’s act as the Great Kublai Khan is just astonishing. He managed to personify the Great Khan up to the point where you can feel how fearsome the Khan was in his real life.

KhanIn fact, Kublai Khan holds the key to the unification of the world, and he has been successful to rule one-third of the world. The movie is lightly based on Travels in the Land of Kublai Khan (1958, Marco Polo).

The movie suits you if you are into series with exotic settings. Clash of civilization is also a theme in the series. You can expect to see armies from different regions with unique armors and specialty to battle with each other until only a few men standing.


Vikings has been rated 93% by Rotten Tomatoes and 8.6 by IMDb. Those are pretty good scores, and the series is as good as the critics have been telling you.

Viking WarSet in the thirteenth century Denmark, Vikings tells the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his legacy. He began as a simple farmer who has vision greater than his king. He follows his vision and refuses to obey his blindfolded king. Lothbrok then took the reign for himself, but it is not for his greed. Lothbrok brought Norsemen to Britania and Frank.

This show is a cross-over between fantasy and realistic war movie. You will find figures like the overseer, people who claim themselves to speak for gods, and prophecy.

VoyageVikings is the best series for you if you love surprise and twist in a story. The characters seem to be in their own plots, and whatever grand designs they are in, they will always get you astonished with their decision as if they are alive and aware of free will.…

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